Daniel Matsunaga’s Bloody Accident During ‘I Can Do That’ Rehearsal Caught on Camera

Daniel Matsunaga was hospitalized after a failed back flip attempt while rehearsing for his performance in the ABS-CBN reality competition “I Can Do That.”

“I Can Do That” is a reality competition where 8 celebrities are challenged to showcase various entertainment stunts with just one week of practice.

In a recent challenge, Daniel is slated to do a back flip. During rehearsals, the hunk actor is being guided by professionals to learn the stunt with a mattress to land on so he won’t hurt himself. But the shocking thing happened when he miscalculated his back flip and landed his face on the ground. He was rushed to the hospital after the incident.

Daniel posted the video of his accident on Instagram with the following caption:

In everything you do in life,always give your best! Failures are part of it and we grow with it…i am very blessed that i am part of this amazing show and i can say i am a better performer today because of it. Unfortunately i had this accident during rehearsals but i chose to do it and i wanted to learn 🙂 a lot of people were asking what happened eheheheeh so this is what happened pero i am ok na and ready to do it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No pain no gain right? I was confined 2 days in the hospital but thank God all results went ok!thanks also to all the people who were there with me all the way 🙂 Pls dont forget to watch this amazing show!we are all working really hard para mag enjoy kayo 🙂 we love you! God bless and see u guys in manila very soooooon!!

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    Sino bayung R.Reynoso? Garbage collector sa Pasay.

  4. kausap ko ang hangin

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