Amway FUNdles: 3 Fun Bundles for a Healthy Lifestyle

Every day we wake up with a goal. We strive to live the way we want to, to enjoy the journey, maximize our potential, and to live life to the fullest. But this modern lifestyle can now be synonymous to stress, pressure or a harried schedule! From beating deadlines, to making time for family and friends, to going to killer gym sessions, the average city dweller’s schedule is typically jam-packed – and they certainly cannot go at it alone. A friend, a partner in health, a sort of a rah-rah supporter is needed by busy people to be in tip-top shape and accomplish everything on their to-do list without running out of energy.

For the gym buff, city slicker, or overtime queen, Amway, the global leader in health and wellness, can certainly be that friend as it rolls out its most sought-after lifestyle products in bundles that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Called the Amway FUNdles, these nutrition and personal care products work well together to help conquer the day-to-day demands of different busy lifestyles, whether it’s pulling an all-nighter, going on a weekend surf trip or marathon shopping session, or getting ready for the big date.

Enzo, 27, clocks in as an account executive, pulling long hours daily, and working overtime around big pitches. On weekends, he is an amateur mountaineer, scaling various peaks with his mountaineering group. For non-stop energy, Enzo relies on Amway’s Full Bar FUNdle. This power pack contains NUTRILITE™ Protein Drink Mix that fuels up muscles and helps you stay awake and focused, and comes in mixed berries and chocolate flavours. It also has XSTM Rhodiola 110 Tablet that contains natural caffeine from green extract. Its main ingredient, Arctic Rhodiola rosea, provides the body with increased energy from a natural source to support mental and physical performance during exercise and other physical activities like mountain hiking.

Cara, 28, needs all the strength she can get being a banker who deals with hundreds of transactions daily and who ends her busy day with a session at the gym. Cara needs an extra source of strength and for that, she turns to the In and Out FUNdle. Whether she is doing a marathon Zumba session or cycling her heart out, Cara is in the best shape possible inside and out because of the NUTRILITE™ GreenTrim Tablet

Nutrilite™ Green Trim Tablets she takes. These contain a special ingredient called Green Select Phytosome that helps enhance metabolism, for people who are trimming fat from their diet. Taken twice daily with low-calorie meals, it is packed with GreenSelect® Phytosome green tea extract, which, when combined with a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity, makes one trim down faster.

Sarah, 24, is back in the dating scene, and for an ever-lasting first impression with shiny pearly whites and the freshest breath, she goes for the Kiss Me FUNdle. The Kiss Me FUNdle is specifically put together for those who want to have the confidence to mingle or get even closer on a hot date. The FUNdle comes with the very popular Glister Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste, which whitens teeth, fights cavities, removes plaque, freshens breath, and safely polishes teeth. so you can smile and speak with confidence. Partnered with the Glister Advanced Toothbrush, fresher breath is a breeze. Meanwhile, the Glister Mint Refresher Spray also gives you a minty-clean, cool feeling with one quick spray, a handy solution for refreshing your breath throughout the day.

Amway offers the freedom of choice to move towards the goals we’ve set for ourselves by introducing pioneering products in health and wellness. For more details about the Amway FUNdles, visit

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