Top 5 Deadliest Insects in the World

We are often scared of huge and dangerous animals when in fact, insects are a lot scarier especially that they are small and almost impossible to catch more often than not. Though the list consists of insects that may not affect us here in Manila, it is still nice to know what we should avoid if these insects release havoc in the PH.

Top 5 Deadliest Insects:

  1. Bullet Ant – A bullet ant’s sting can be 30 times more painful than a sting of a bee or wasp. It can cause a 24hr pain!
  2. Bot Fly – A bot fly can penetrate under our skin and may cause huge changes on skin tissues.
  3. Fleas – Fleas are external parasites that suck on blood from humans and animals. It can reproduce up to 2,000 eggs within their life span and their bites may cause itch and even infections!
  4. Fire Ants – The venom of a fire ant may cause severe allergic reaction to humans.
  5. Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are the most dangerous of all insects as they can transfit harmful diseases such as Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. Effects of these diseases may even lead to death if not attended to immediately.

These insects are considered deadly and harmful which is why it is important to have something that can prevent them from coming after you.

My friend introduced me to a multi-insect killer. She said that she has nothing but praises for this product and when I got my own canister, it proved that it is really amazing! Strike Multi-Insect Killer Spray  has the following characteristics which I’m sure would be great for every household.  It is a safe and effective water-based insecticide that uses deionized water as solvent which disperses easily without leaving stains on any surface where it has been used. Unlike other brands that are oil-based and alcohol-based which leave stains, cause harm to human, plants and animals and has very poor killing effect on insects, Strike has triple fast killing action formula made proven by a clinical study that takes effect within 10 minutes killing 50 mosquitoes compared to other leading brands. Aside from that, it has a refreshing orange scent, has very low toxicity, and is definitely eco-friendly which means it does not contain a harmful substance called CFC or Chlorofluorocarbon that is harmful and hazardous to human health, pets, plants and the environment. More importantly its quality can level with other international brands as it was developed in an impeccable technology, but amidst all these, it is affordable and budget friendly compared to other brands.


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