Star-Studded ‘D’Originals’ Will Tackle the Lives of Husbands, Wives, and Mistresses

GMA News and Public Affairs will tackle the lives of wives, husbands and mistresses via the upcoming comedy drama series D’Originals which boasts of a star-studded cast. It is slated to premiere on April 17, 2017 replacing “Pinulot Ka Lang sa Lupa” on GMA Afternoon Prime block.

D'Originals Title Card

Under the helm of award-winning director Adolf Alix, Jr, “D’Originals” will revolve around the lives of three legal wives, their philandering husbands and the mistresses who threaten to break the sanctity of their marriage.

Meet the show’s cast of characters:

Jaclyn Jose as Josie. Despite being married with Lando (Jestoni Alarcon) for 25 years, she will find out that her husband has a younger number two.


LJ Reyes is Marge, the resourceful wife of Caloy (Mark Herras). She will discover that his husband is having an affair with her sister.


Kim Domingo is Sofia, a Zumba instructor. She’s the confident wife of Art (Archie Alemania) who tolerates the philandering ways of her husband until she got threatened to his latest affair with a woman who is as beautiful and sexy as her.


Jestoni Alarcon is Lando, the unfaithful husband of Josie (Jaclyn Jose) who will get tempted to have an affair to the seemingly younger version of his wife.


Mark Herras is Caloy, the husband of Marge (LJ Reyes) who got tempted to have an affair with his wife’s younger sister.


Archie Alemania is Art, the notorious cheating husband of Sofia (Kim Domingo).


Meg Imperial is Alice, an aspiring actress who will rekindle her past romance with talent manager Art (Archie Alemania) despite knowing that he already has a wife.


Katrina Halili is Yvette, the feisty mistress of Lando (Jestoni Alarcon) who will make his life a living hell.


Arny Ross is Michelle


Lovely Abella is Cristina, the sister of Marge who will develop a strong feelings with Caloy.


Mikoy Morales as Alvin, Lando and Josie’s son who will discover that truth about his sexual preference.


Elyson de Dios as Kenneth, a straight-acting guy who will develop a strong affection with Alvin (Mikoy Morales).


The saga of the original wives, their philandering husbands, and their mistresses in “D’Originals” will begin on April 17, 2017, and it will air from Monday to Friday after “Legally Blind” under the Afternoon Prime block of GMA Network.

Watch the teaser trailers of “D’Originals” below:

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