‘Love in the Moonlight’ – Lee Yeong and Ra-On’s Status Gets Complicated

Things get more complicated this week after Sam Nom finally revealed her true identity as Hong-Ra-on (Kim Yoo Jung) to Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) in the hit primetime Koreanovela “Love in the Moonlight.”


Just as when the two can already go all out in showing their affection for each other, the king then orders his son Lee Yeong to marry Jo Ha Yeon. What prompted the king to betroth the crown prince in marriage? How will Ra-on take this? Will Lee Yeong fight for his love for Ra-on?

“Love in the Moonlight” continues to shine bright in the national TV ratings. From March 27-31, the series got an average national TV rating of 11.5% compared to rival program with only 8.3%. Netizens also continue to create a buzz on social media as the show’s official hashtags consistently make it to the top Twitter trends every weeknight.

Even celebrities are hooked with the love story of Lee Yeong and Ra-on like Vice Ganda, who is very vocal in expressing his love for Bo Gum and Jinyoung through his Twitter account.

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2 Comments on ‘Love in the Moonlight’ – Lee Yeong and Ra-On’s Status Gets Complicated

  1. Ragine Valenzuela // June 15, 2017 at 11:25 am //

    Love in the moonlight has a very interesting story that you you will never miss

  2. Love in the moonlight is very fantastic.The most favorite show of mine.

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