Piolo Pascual and the I-Candidates Take on the ‘Matanglawin’ Challenge

The stars will align on the third week of “Matanglawin’s” 9th anniversary countdown with Piolo Pascual and Yen Santos of the film “Northern Stars” leading another fearless batch of challengers in the award-winning educational program on ABS-CBN.

Piolo Challenge

Piolo and Yen will take on Kuya Kim Atienza’s dare of balancing a 10 peso coin on a card using a cottonball or matchstick. Joining the fun are contestants from the new talent-reality show “I Can Do That” – Arci Muñoz, Sue Ramirez, Pokwang, Gab Valenciano, JC Santos, Wacky Kiray, and Daniel Matsunaga, who will each have to figure out how to get a cork out of a bottle and pick up a one thousand peso bill on the floor with several conditions from Kuya Kim. Meanwhile, also check out the earthquake proof and fireproof adobe homes of the future, and learn more on the strength behind seemingly fragile things like eggs! “Matanglawin” has been a fun source of information and amusement for Filipino children and the young-at-heart in the past nine years as viewers are able to explore nature and science, discover new tricks and trivia, and experience different cultures and traditions through the adventures of Kuya Kim. “Matanglawin” airs every Sunday, 10am on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD. You can also watch online via and For updates on the program, follow @MatanglawinTV on Facebook and Twitter.

Kuya Kim

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