Who Do You Want To Be Paired with Maymay Entrata?

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May Edward Yong

We all know that most of the famous love teams in the entertainment industry came from reality show Pinoy Big Brother like KimErald, Melason, and ToMiho. With the announcement of the new PBB grand winner last Sunday, it is expected that another love team will be born and will probably make a huge name in the industry.
Two cuties who were included in the Big Four with Maymay Entrata were Edward Barber and Yong Mujahil. Edward is the 4th placer while Yong got the 3rd place. With Maymay’s personality, Edward and Yong got easily close with her during the show, and the viewers can’t deny the chemistry of the sweet lady with the two young lads. Edward was dubbed as‘Cheerful Charmer ng Germany’ while Yong is the ‘Pag-A-Son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga.’2
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  5. We are happy to them

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