Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla 2017 Love Predictions

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KathNiel Love Predictions

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s real score has always been an open secret to everyone. They have yet to verbalize their real status, but they have been showing to all the fans that they genuinely love each other.

There are hundreds of things lined up for KathNiel this 2017, but their avid supporters are probably wondering what the year has to offer for the couple when it comes to their relationship. Enjoy this compilation of 2017 love predictions for Kath and DJ!

Kathryn Bernardo (Born on March 26, 1996 – Aries)

Springtime may be the most pleasant and easiest time for love. If firmly paired up and looking to tie the knot or make some other big commitment, consider waiting until April 15.

Love is strong and generous through most of 2017. In October, relationships will need to be worked on to get stronger, deeper, and more honest. If there are too many demands made on your relationship for greater honesty, devotion, and maybe even some soul-baring, it could threaten your sense of independence. If things get too intense, you may want a time out or simply a bit more personal time and distance.

These can all bring emotional changes for the good. You both deserve to have your needs met, don’t you? Yes!


Daniel Padilla (Born on April 26, 1995 – Taurus)


Love may have some ups and downs this year, but each up takes you to a better place. January and February should be smooth sailing and sweet times. When spring comes, you may want to take another, longer look at love and your relationship.

By April, you and your partner should have similar domestic goals. Basic shared feelings are more important. If looking to make any major domestic changes or purchases, autumn may be a more pragmatic, sensible time to do so.

December could be overrun with work concerns, have a gloriously comfortable and loving holiday season… without breaking the bank. 


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3 Comments on Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla 2017 Love Predictions

  1. Amaechi jennifer // November 14, 2017 at 9:38 am //

    They are met for each other and i wish that nothing should seperate them and also wish them good luck and all the best

  2. they are meet for each other

  3. KathNiel is forever and we believe on their love for each other that will last a lufetime!! They’ve been thru a lot together and this time they are more stronger and matured to handle their relationship!! So far they are getthing stronger everyday and no obe can separate them!! 😘🙏🙏😘😊💙

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