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Their pairing trended on social media after they first worked together in June of this year in a Wattpad-based episode, “300 Days with My Contract Husband.”


Viva Artist Agency saw the potential and now, Mayton Eugenio, 25, and Bret Jackson, 25, are set to make it big in showbiz next year.Mayton thinks working with Bret on their project was really fun. “We got along easily because we listen to the same music, and he’s just really bubbly and energetic! He’s very nice to everyone he works with, that’s what I really admire about him. Marunong siya makisama.” Bret says the same thing, saying that being paired with Mayton is great. “It’s fun,” he says. “She’s good. She’s so easy to work with, we’re chill about everything.”Mayton admits that they are more mature, not just in age but looks and appeal-wise. She likes that they are not pa-tweetums. Bret agrees that he likes a mature pairing: “That’s what I like [because] I’m not pa-tweetums at all.” He explains that everyone who knows him, from his social media accounts to his first film with ex-girlfriend, Andi Eigenmann (Your Place Or Mine, a film about one-night stands), knows that his personality and projects are mature.

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Text Melissa Bagamasbad / Photography Jerick Sanchez / Art Direction Macky Arquilla / Sittings Editor Nic Magquilat / Hair & Makeup Pamm Merrera / Styling Raizel Dy /BTS Shots by Lexter Diolata Special Thanks to VIVA Artist Agency

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