Anne Curtis Goes Topless on Metro Cover

Anne Curtis is on two covers of METRO Magazine’s December 2016-January 2017 issue.


From Metro:

We’re ending 2016 on a positive note with Anne Curtis, and despite the challenging year that was, we’d like to bathe you with warmth and love—a kaleidoscope of happy vibes from #MetroLovesAnne. #AnneCurtis is the perfect muse for fun and fashion, feminism and Filipinas. But more importantly, she helps us remember to celebrate all that is still right with the world.

“We are all the same. We are all human beings who deserve a chance and equal opportunities in life. May it be it for work, life or love we should all be given equal rights.” —Anne Curtis, in our Dec-Jan cover story. We at @metromagph dedicate the #MetroHoliday2016 issue to every individual out there that longs to break free from hate, and just CELEBRATE. May love and kindness lead us well through this season and into all of 2017, and may those who have the power to change the conversation to one of progress and positivity, use it fearlessly.


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