Julia Barretto’s Leading Men

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She is one of the most gorgeous young actresses of this generation, and she is also known for having different leading men over the years. The lead star of the upcoming MMFF 2016 film Vince & Kath & James Julia Barretto has been in showbiz for quiet a while, yet the actress hasn’t found her perfect, solid loveteam.


Let’s take a look at this list of young actors paired with the young Barretto


1. Iñigo Pascual


2. Enrique Gil


3. Joshua Garcia


4. Ronnie Alonte


5. Kenzo Gutierrez


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  1. Julia inigo or enrique

  2. Kawawang ALDUB hanggang ngayon wala parin sariling teleserye sa primetime at nauubusan na ng tv endorsement kasi pa LAOS na sila…bwahahahaha…

  3. Julia’s aunt Greta is a whore. Greta is a kept woman.

  4. Kawawa ang mga starlets na e2 ng chakamilyucks kpag itinapat cla sa the phenomenal aldub..hahahaha

  5. taob ang ALDUB sa MCLIS…hahahaha… Bye BYE Mc Do comercial..bwahahaha

  6. taob sa ALDUB ang mga DA WHO STARLETS na e2…

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