Fight Dengue, Zika with Strike Mosquito Coil

Back in the day, our elders would buy mosquito coils to get rid of the mosquitoes that bite us while we sleep at night. However, these coils emit irritating smoke that smells strongly of chemicals. It is very affordable that’s why we never question how it was made and what it was made of. Little did we know that it can be a threat to our life as it contains harmful ingredients! Good thing we can have a mosquito free zone without the threat of chemicals lingering. Good thing there’s Strike Mosquito Coil!


Strike Mosquito Coil is one of the most popular and traditional mosquito killing product especially in the Philippines. Almost all the mosquito coil products are affordable hence the popularity of it. However, most of the mosquito coils are made using inferior materials which cause unpleasant odors, short ignition time and poor insecticidal effect which could cause major hazards to human and animals. Unlike other brands, Strike Mosquito Coil is developed in the most scientific and secured process which does not include harmful materials. Though very affordable, Strike Mosquito Coil has natural environmentally advanced raw carbon powder which is long lasting, effective insecticide effects and safe for all.


To keep you away from mosquitoes in different ways possible, ATC Healthcare also offers you other Strike variants! Strike Liquid Mosquito Electric Repellent provides 40-day protection and can cover a 20-meter area. It does not emit smoke and disturbing odors. Strike Patch for kids is made of 100% pure and natural essential oils which last for 48 hours. It is 100% DEET free and an easy stick-on patch. Strike Mat lasts for 8 hours and can cover a 12-ft area. Lastly, the Strike Multi-Insect Killer Spray which kills all insects in an instant, eco-friendly and does not contain cfc which is harmful to human health, pets and the environment. The Strike variants can instantly help you get rid of mosquitoes without harming the environment, people, pets, plants and furniture. It is proven effective and very much affordable compared to other mosquito killing brands! Para iwas dengue at Zika, Strike agad!

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