Centennial Garden: First Necro-Tourism Site in the Country

When you speak of cemeteries, the first thing that comes to my mind is a peaceful place that gives me a heavy heart. At least that’s why I always felt every time I go to the cemetery.

To think I live near one of the country’s famed cemetery where Presidents and celebrities are buried, the prospect of going to the said place is anything but inviting.

However, when I was invited to see the Centennial Garden in Santa Rosa City, this notion of a murky and gloomy place was totally the opposite.
Ever heard of necro-tourism? Well, when you go to the Centennial Garden you would know exactly what it means.

Definitely far from the brain and flesh-eating zombie picture or a terrifying fiction flick or TV series, necro-tourism is a real, fun and certainly an educational adventure for your friends and families.

Officially, the Philippines has become a venue for a world-class necro-tourism site with the construction of its first-ever Leisure Memorial Park in Laguna the Centennial Garden, offers not only a best place for quality-time bonding among friends and relatives but a walk on one of the famous phases in World History.

The place is situated approximately 15 minutes away from Alabang, the Centennial Garden in Santa Rosa City is composed of fascinating landscapes, avant-garde facilities and state-of- the-art amenities that one would not think that it is really a memorial park, instead you may think it’s a glamorous recreation area at par with popular parks here and abroad.

Among the state-of- the-art facilities of the place are the high-pressure sodium light which illuminate and highlights the beauty of the park, the water plaza and water fountain, neatly-landscape lawns lined with Royal and Dates Palm trees. The Centennial Garden is also surely a hit among the children with sheds and modern playground.

“The Centennial Garden is nestled on verdant natural surroundings but is bordered by hallmarks and a touch of modern architecture that exude an aura of comfort, serenity and beauty. A place to remember and town’s pride” said Santa Rosa Mayor Dan Fernandez during his visit at the park.

What makes this place truly unique and extra-ordinary is its architecture which is inspired by the Ancient Greece which can be seen in in the main entrance that is bordered with familiar Greek gods and goddesses and some of its facilities and adornments named after Greek architectural wonders.

This is the part where the walk on World History happens, according to Ms. Lhenn Jontongco, Marketing and Communications Officer.

“No one can deny the legacy of the Ancient Greece on the world’s arts and sciences. The contribution of the Ancient Greece remains essential even today from arts and sciences and even to languages,” said Jontongco. “We have spacious parking areas and on the aspect of security, we have round-the-clock security that includes surveillance cameras,”


Located outside but not very far from Metro Manila, the Centennial Garden gives you a great escape from the stressful traffic jam in the metropolis.
This is the reason why some people are discouraged from visiting their loved ones no matter how close their resting place from their homes or places of work.
In addition to the the usual security and parking issues in going to memorial places inside Metro Manila during All Saints and All Souls Day wherein you and your family have often wasted time and energy just to honor your loved ones.

Aside from this, the Centennial Garden has also efficient drainage system that ensures the safety of its clients and their vehicles as well as clean and modern comfort rooms.



Aside from the fact that the Centennial Garden is in itself a tourist spot, it is also has close proximity to popular tourist destinations in the area such as Enchanted Kingdom and the Nuvali.

“We are not out to compete, instead, but out to complement by maximizing the leisure activities for both our clients and our visitors because the Centennial Garden is a best stop before going or after going to these popular places in Sta. Rosa,” said Jontongco.



Just at the entrance of the Centennial Garden are the Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory, Inc. Visiting this place you’d think it’s a hotel instead of a chapel or crematory.

The place is equipped with modern facilities and amenities that cater to all the funeral needs. Their staff are all courteous, approachable and hardworking personnel to comfort their clients.

Truly the place is at par with high-end memorial chapels and crematories it has a reasonably priced.


It boasts of architectural design and top-of-the-line facilities including a presentable reception area for the guests, 24-hour security and a free WIFI zone.
Viewing Chapels are all fully air-conditioned, sound-proof partition and equipped with purifiers for the comfort of our clients and their guests. Each viewing chapel can accommodate up to 300 persons, with big screens overhead projector for memorialization.

To add to the guests’ comfort they have hotel-like Family Rooms and Bedrooms equipped with cable TV, DVD, WIFI, refrigerator, microwave oven water dispenser, dining table, chairs, King and Queen size Bedroom showcase for family’s comfort.

To know more about the place you may visit, for their rates and packages.

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