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The chapter two of the young heartthrob’s story. A better version of the young heartthrob who now enjoys overwhelming popularity. It wasn’t always bright and sunny for the 23-year old guy. “A lot of us, especially millennials like me, tend to get disheartened when faced with obstacles.” James knows this first-hand. After a good start, his promising career would hit the doldrums and seemed to just coast along. It got to a point where the young star had to face the cold, hard truth. “Back then, I was very young. I wasn’t so sure about what I really wanted. Yes, I found myself in a lull. I was contemplating if I should go back to Australia, go back to school. I thought about it. I asked myself, ‘What do I really want to do with my life?’”



For James, it was his family that would see him through that rocky start. His dad talked to him man-to-man. Before he knew it, James Reid would get his game on and, before long, he was back on track. Perhaps proof of how much his family means to him can be gleaned from this statement: “Right now, I am the bread winner of my family. I am supporting everyone. So they are relying on me. I don’t think you can ever be too young to make good decisions.”

He speaks fondly of his brother and sister who are also getting into showbiz full-time. “I am very prou of my siblings. Lauren is doing very well. Marami siyang magazine covers. Also, my little brother Jack He’s undergoing workshops still.” He advises them to “really just be yourself. They know naman that it’s all for the family. They know why I am doing this is for them. Parang they want to return the favor.” He even goes further to share a showbiz lesson he’s learned for himself. “Just don’t mind the bashers. As long as you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t matter what they say.” The brother in James would surface after controversy would hound his sister who recently got dragged in the Gab Valenciano-Tricia Centenera split. “I have heard about that. All I have to say about this is it’s not true.” It says a lot about the young man who stepped forward to clear the issue on his sister’s behalf. “Lauren isn’t affected. No, she’s not. She was the one who told me. She was like ‘Did you know this?’ Blah, blah, blah. But it’s not true.” James further clarifies that Gab and Lauren “have met but that’s it.” To put the rumor to rest, James would respond to the query about how Lauren was taking the negative press: “Nakalimutan na niya.”


James instead chooses to focus on what’s before him. James graces his first cover of MEGA Man magazine to complement Nadine’s big September issue for MEGA. According to Suki Salvador, editor-in-chief of MEGA Man, “James’ personal style and care for his appearance is one of the main reasons why we put him on the September cover of MEGA Man.”

Talking about how the photoshoot turned out, James admits, “I am so pleased with it. It was so fun shooting in Greece. Photographer Mark Nicdao was amazing. To the MEGA team, thank you so muchfor giving us that opportunity. It was so nice.” The young actor would go on to relate, “It was very sunny. We all got amazing tans. It’s gone now, it’s sad. In Santorini, we experienced hot sun but cold windsso, it was the perfect weather. It was a fun shoot hopping along rooftops. It was really great.”

For his part, Suki muses, “During downtime, James would snap pictures of our location because we went to several. He also took shots from our hotel window when they were doing makeup. So, it was nice that he actually has an artistic side of him.” Suki goes on with his observation: “He likes to wander. He likes to walk around barefoot even. He says he enjoys the feeling of the ground on his feet. It’s something that makes him feel relaxed.”

As for how James was during the shoot, Suki confirms, “He takes direction very well. He listens. Which to me is a good sign of a good model and a good celebrity because he knows how to listento instruction. He never said he’s tired. One of the things that I admire about him was he didn’t complain. His energy was very constant. It didn’t feel like he was bothered by the lack of sleep the entire time. You know that the guy is enjoying because even if he’s getting very little sleep or he’s in the sun, he’s not really complaining because he loves what he’s doing.”

Suki cites this anecdote: “The night before [the photoshoot], his taping for Till I Met You ended around midnight. And then we needed him at around 8 o’clock. Our hotel was maybe one hour away from where he was so, he had to wake up a little bit earlier. We had a full day of shooting, we had a late dinner at around 9 or 10 p.m. And then the following day, we had to leave the hotel at 5 a.m to catch an 8 a.m flight to Santorini. So he had very little sleep.”As for the best souvenir from that trip, James declares, “I think the magazine, the issue itself, is a special memory for me and Nadine. For the two of us on the cover. A couple photo. That’s enough memory for me.” Simple and straight is how James would open the topic of his onscreen love interest and real-lifegirlfriend: “Me and Nadine. Masaya kami.”


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