Lauren Reid is the New ‘It Girl’

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She walks into the studio in a white tank top, jeans, and a baseball cap, with no makeup on, but her understated style does nothing to conceal her charm. She would easily turn heads—twice.

We watch Lauren Reid as she strikes pose after pose, looking so comfortable in front of the camera, as if she’d been doing it forever. She hasn’t. The 23-year-old Fil-Aussie beauty has always regarded showbiz as “certainly enticing,” but she never imagined she would end up being in the middle of it. “It never seemed practical or realistic to me,” she says. Well, it couldn’t be more real now, what with all the fuss surrounding her as we shoot her for our cover.


Lauren is still getting used to all the attention and everything that comes with being a celebrity, but it’s a good thing she had quite a preview of the life in the limelight, being James Reid’s half sister. She and James share a close relationship—he was the one who always pushed her to give showbiz a shot. She’s never really short of showbiz advice but still, she admits she’s still discovering a lot of things about the glitzy world of entertainment.


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  1. Swanget at ngetpa…palitan iyan ilagay si Liza

  2. Sino ‘to ang panget!

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