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Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer was recently in Manila as part of his spokesperson duties for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. For the Experience Thailand With Mario Maurer campaign, Mario wants Filipinos to visit his country.  Addressing his followers, Mario revealed, “I would do my job — my best — for you guys to get to know my country more and share our cultures together. For me, it’s not a stressful job. I am very happy, very proud to do this.”

Inside Showbiz Weekly asked the young star what is it that keeps him coming back to the Philippines and what makes our country so special to him. Mario gamely replied in his cute Thai accent, “You guys just give me a memory that I can’t forget. You know, it’s there in my head, in my heart. I can’t forget the memories. I am so happy to be back here.”

The movie star was last seen with actress Erich Gonzalez for their Star Cinema starrer ‘Suddenly It’s Magic’ back in 2012. Mario shared, “And all my fans are super great so it’s just like coming back to my second home, to all my fans, to meet all my fans again.” Since he has a following in the Philippines, Mario is the perfect choice to be ambassador for the campaign. “The reason why I am here at this time is to promote the Tourism Authority of Thailand. To invite all the Filipinos, all my fans here to explore Bangkok, to explore Thailand.”

For his Pinoy fans, we ask Mario these questions:

Where to find him in Bangkok? “I always drive around at night in my car. I go to Chinatown. There’s a lot of food there. They have all kinds of Chinese food, Thai food. It’s a mixture there. You can take a tuktuk. You can be dropped off there.

What to do in Bangkok? “I go to shopping centers. We have some good malls in Bangkok. If you want a haircut, have some good meals, go shopping, it’s all in the same place if you go to Bangkok.” Mario suggests going to the temples, visiting the elephants and trying out the street food for an authentic Thai experience.

What does he wear when he’s in his home city? Everyone knows the wether in Thailand is very similar to the Philippines so dressing up for a trip there is quite easy. Mario shares, “I’m a guy who likes fashion so I really go into details. When I dress up, I always go with denim. It’s very manly, very sturdy — unlike slacks. I like denim. I like vintage stuff also like leather boots. That’s it. Jeans and a shirt. I like it easy.” Aside from the world-class malls in Bangkok, Mario also suggests visiting Amphora Floating Market outside Bangkok and the trusty JJ Night Market in the city center.

What’s his message to all his Filipino fans?

First of all, I want to say thank you very much. You guys just really are super great. You give me the power to do this. The Filipinos are always very happy when I am around. For me, it’s very nice to come back here.”

Mario closes our conversation by saying, “We — my crew and I —are always very happy to come back here especially me because I get to meet all my fans again. It’s a very nice opportunity this time to come back here and to be the spokesperson to all Filipinos.”

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