Robi Domingo and Enchong Dee Make Math and Agriculture Fun for Kids

Things that seem easy and cool can instantly grab any kid’s attention. For some kids, however, subjects like math and agriculture are neither easy nor cool, making it hard for them to love and excel in these subjects.

Knowledge Channel

As a new academic year begins, some parents face once more the age old dillemma on how to make their children love subjects they may think are difficult and boring. And Knowledge Channel, on its 17th year, provides a solution by making learning math and agriculture fun for kids through two new shows titled “MathDali” and “AgriCOOLture.”

For parents who have children who are scared of numbers, Knowledge Channel’s “MathDali” can help your kids. In the show, problems that may seem overwhelming to solve are tackled by introducing simple techniques.


The show features Kuya Robi (Robi Domingo), a math enthusiast who helps Igi Boy Flores, Vic Robinson, and twins Joj and Jai Agpangan overcome their fear of learning math using exciting and fun ways.

“MathDali” does away with conventional methods in teaching kids how to solve math problems. Instead, Kuya Robi teaches Igi Boy, Vic, Joj, and Jai a wide range of creative techniques to arrive at the right answer.

Halving and Doubling

For instance in explaining multiplication, Kuya Robi introduces simple, easy-to-remember strategies like block multiplication, round and adjust method, and break apart method, among many others for kids to find a solution to the given multiplication problem set.

To make kids understand easier the lessons they showcase, “MathDali” illustrates the math concepts through real-life situations so kids can appreciate and know how the concepts are applied in day-to-day life.

Enchong Dee puts cool in agriculture in Knowledge Channel's newest show AgriCOOLture

Apart from letting kids learn to love math, Knowledge Channel also puts cool in agriculture as the country embraces the K to 12 curriculum. Parents who want to expose their kids to great future opportunities at a young age can rely on “AgriCOOLture” as Enchong Dee explores the potential of running a business in aquaculture, crop production, and poulry. In some episodes, he even visits successful entrepreneurs who have made a living out of agriculture to share their inspiring stories to young, potential ‘agripreneurs.’

Agriculture poster

Based on the Department of Education’s (DepEd) curriculum for Grade 9 Technology and Livelihood Education, Knowledge Channel’s new show makes kids realize that a flourishing career can be achieved in agriculture through ‘agri-preneurship.’ The six-episode series produced together with Landbank, also features Enchong experiencing fish farming, selecting and rasing a stock, and yielding grood crops, among others.

Both “MathDali” and “AgriCOOLture” are created by Knowledge Channel to continue to make more Filipino students have an enriching learning experience. In fact, Knowledge Channel’s shows have been proven to be effective in raising the level of learning outcomes, student participation, and community involvement in schools. Its content is also available on several multimedia platforms including cable (SKYcable), direct-to-home (SKYdirect), digital TV (ABS-CBN Tvplus), online (, and video-on-demand (Knowledge Channel On-Demand).


“Our two new programs are an embodiment of Knowledge Channel’s commitment to create engaging educational content that will really boost the learning performance of Filipino students in school. We want to provide them with an opportunity to learn using multimedia tools to have an enriching academic journey,” Rina Lopez-Bautista, Knowledge Channel president and executive director said.


Encourage your kids to learn math and agriculture in a fun way and excel in school through Knowledge Channel’s “MathDali” starting on June 14 and “AgriCOOLture” starting on July 19.


“MathDali” will air under the Mathematics curriculum block for Grade 4 on Knowledge Channel every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10:00AM and 1:20PM. Meanwhile, “AgriCOOLture” will air every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:40AM and 4:00PM. Knowledge Channel is aired on SKYcable, SKYdirect, Destiny Cable, and ABS-CBN TVplus.

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