Watsons Offers Up to 50% Off on Selected Men’s Products in Celebration of Grooming Month #WatsonsMen

June is “Men’s Grooming” month and in line with Watsons’ 175th anniversary, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer gives back to its loyal male customers by offering discounts of up to 50% on selected grooming essentials.


Just look for the special display (above photo) adjacent to the store’s “MANdated” section featuring the three items on sale:

  • Nivea Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub 50G
  • Safeguard Men Sports Energy 2 in 1 Hair + Body Wash 400 ML
  • Gillette Mach 3 with Nano – Thin Blades Razor

This promo runs until June 22, 2016.


Mandated Watsons Men Section 2

In their efforts to give special attention to men and not just women shoppers, Watsons put grooming and hygiene items all in one place called “MANdated.” This way, male shoppers can find all the items they need (and usually buy) like shampoo, deodorant, shaver, shaving cream, aftershave, cologne and hairstyling products in the section dedicated for them.

“The male shopping behavior is such that they don’t go around the store to explore or shop. They directly go to the area where they can get what they want. They want a quick and easy shopping experience,” explains Karen Fabres, Watsons Group Marketing Manager.

By giving this much attention to their male customers, Watsons encourages especially the professional kind who must look his dashing best, to look for products that will step up their grooming-maintenance regimen.

Proud Watsons Men: Gino Quillamor, Victor Basa and AJ Dee

Proud Watsons Men: Gino Quillamor, Victor Basa and AJ Dee

For example, if he is using a disposable razor, then he must switch to a system razor. Or if he is using soap to wash his face, he must opt for a facial wash instead. And if he usually uses different brands for his hair and body, he might want to try a 2-in-one product to save on cost and shelf space.

Watsons also carries a wide range of items such as Ponds Men, Axe, Old Spice, Vaseline Men, Master, Adidas, Rexona, Nivea, Safeguard and Gillette. There are also available Watsons Label products stamped with the reliable Watsons name, such as twin and triple blades; extra comfort cotton disposables, five-blade razors with cartridges; men shaving gel; men shaving foam; nose pore strips; deep cleansing facial wash, oil control facial wash; and water gloss hair setting lotion.

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