TFC’s ‘Citizen Pinoy’ Goes Live to Answer Your Immigration Questions

On its 11th year of unparalleled public service to the community, CITIZEN PINOY goes the extra mile by doing a real-time LIVE telecast on JUNE 5, Sunday, on TFC.

Citizen Pinoy

Host and leading US immigration attorney MICHAEL J. GURFINKEL, and the staff behind the award-winning public service program are excited about their first ever LIVE telecast. Atty. Gurfinkel is looking forward to this endeavor. According to him, “Now, it will be ‘real time’ contact and more interactive with viewers.”

This attempt makes CITIZEN PINOY readily available to its core audience across the whole North America. The replies to their immigration concerns will also be immediate. As Atty. Gurfinkel underlines, “People will get the feeling of an actual “live” consultation right in the comforts of their homes.”

This early, viewers are already encouraged to send in their questions via the Facebook at or by calling these numbers: 1-650-569-1774 or 1-650-569-1835. On the actual day of the live telecast, the same phone lines will also be set up so viewers can call in. Questions can be sent via Facebook, twitter, phone patch and skype. Atty. Gurfinkel invites everyone to join in with this message – “We hope the audience will find this more exciting, as the whole purpose is to provide not only the best public service, but a more interactive one.”

Save the date, and be sure to catch us when CITIZEN PINOY goes LIVE on JUNE 5, Sunday at 6:15 PM (EST/PST) on TFC.

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