Experience and Celebrate Manila’s Fervor and Vibrant Lifestyle with Avida Towers Prime Taft

In the fast-paced, increasingly busy and vibrant world we live in, an ideal work-life balance kind of lifestyle is hinged on having everything within one’s arms reach or at least conveniently near us, where driving passions and achieving goals means living in the center of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Avida Prime Taft

At the heart of Manila, there’s a perfect place for you. Taft; being one of the district area that never stopped in developing itself and constantly evolved with the demands of the changing times, provides that ideal community that we sought for especially when it comes to the younger and more driven crowd of urban dwellers.

Why Taft? Well for one thing, Taft is connected with three major cities of the Metropolis namely Manila, Makati and Pasay. This serves as a gateway to some of the biggest, commercial and cultural centers in the country. Not to mention, these three cosmopolitan cities is also a manufacturing and industrial hubs in their own right.

Seeing this, Avida realizes the potential of Taft’s strategic location to a growing number of urbanities and has developed the Avida Towers Prime Taft in a secure community along Taft Avenue and tapped this endless possibilities to make urban life more productive.

Avida Towers Prime Taft

Just like all other Avida condominiums, the Avida Towers Prime Taft have been masterfully-designed and well-appointed three-tower high-rise property will offer young urban professionals and their families an inspiring haven where they can kick off their activities or find a place as a restful sanctuary to relax and chill out in.

The said Towers can also be home to people who doesn’t want to waste their time in traffic just to get to school, work, markets, shopping malls, hospitals, churches and parks as these are just a few blocks away from it.

As the final leg of its development in the bustling area, Avida is set to launch the third and tallest tower of the Avida Towers Prime Taft. At 30 floors, the structure provides a magnificent skyline of the city as it provides residents in 865 units with inspired living right at the center of everything.

Upon the launching of the third and final tower, Avida is set to hold an event at the Avida Towers Prime Taft Sales Pavilion on April 30 entitled “Urban Places, Vibrant Spaces” the event will feature Old Manila Walks’ Ivan Man Dy as he does an interactive talk highlighting the many interesting facts and features and rediscover Manila, Makati and Pasay.

Avida Towers Prime Taft 2 bedroom

The talk will be based on a specially-curated MAPA Prime Manila map to showcase the vibe of the property’s unique location and offer different perspectives on the best of urban living, owing to the development’s proximity to three major cities.

Urban dwellers can both discover and rediscover these three cities “hidden gems” within Manila that emphasizes the modernity heritage and urban culture of the community surrounding these Avida Towers Prime Taft.

Among these best kept secret includes the Museum of a History of Ideas in UP Manila, the Avellana Art Gallery and a fashion gallery of Project Runway’s Jojie Lloren inside the Hotel Henry Manila and the ancestral house of National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio.

As of to date, the Avida has already a total of 77 projects and 29 of which are located nationwide, comprising of more than 60,000 homes.

Want to know more about these residential hub, feel free to visit to learn more about “Urban Places, Vibrant Spaces” and to pre-register for free seats to the April 30 event.




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