Q&A with Ivan Carter of ‘Carter’s WAR: Wild Animal Response’

This May, Cignal TV is bringing to Philippine television “Carter’s WAR,” the untold story of one man’s quest to save his homeland Africa from heavily armed poachers who are butchering elephants for their tusks and slaughtering rhinos for their horns. The series will take viewers on a journey through the bushes of the world’s most dangerous continent where wildlife detective and professional hunter Ivan Carter confronts various animal transgressors.

Ivan Carter

Ivan Carter, the leading voice of the conservationist movement in the “Birthplace of Humanity,” is now here in the Philippines. He had a chat with some members of the press on April 23, 2016 at Shangril-La Bonifacio Global City to share his advocacy and to promote his documentary series “Carter’s W.A.R.”

Here are excerpts of our interview with the popular Wildlife Investigator:

What do you do to support wildlife and conservation?

Carter: “My role is to tell the stories about the heroes on the front line of conservation in a way that gets audiences around the world engaged in these issues. Many many many of these people are under-recognized and under-funded – by telling their stories and educating the public about the reality of what’s happening in Africa with regards to her wildlife, we can have a profound effect on the support that these people receive and in turn the effect that they can have.”

What is the most dangerous task you’ve had in Africa?

Carter: “Based on the fact that none of our shows are acted they are all real time, we spend a lot of time truly in the heart of these issues and whether we are investigating mandating crocodiles or joining rangers on the chase for poachers, many of the situations are definitely high risk to me and my crew – that said we all believe in the mission very deeply and are prepared to take these risks to get the real stories out there.”

When did you realize/start your advocacy?

Carter: “From a very young age I was always very deeply interested in wildlife and even in those days while there weren’t the same issues as there are today or should i say the issues were not as prevalent, I still feel the need to explore conservation issues and promote good, wholesome well balanced conservation initiatives.”

What is your message to hunters who kill for sports and just for the fun of it.

Carter: “Hunters who pay to do so and stay within the regulations laws and quotas I have no problem with, in fact these people are responsible for a large amount of money flowing into conservation across Africa. My message to them is ethics first and sustainability of off take. Poachers on the other hand I have a very different message for, poachers are people who will kill animals for financial gain, as much as they can with no repeat for the animal or the future of the animal and certainly no respect for any quotas. These people are truly the demise of African wildlife and who for personal gain and greed are destroying our children’s natural heritage.”

How do you want your show to influence your audience?

Carter: “I want people to understand that every single one of us can have an effect. I want people to learn about these issues, to be emotionally moved to the degree that they step up and try and do something about it. Indeed there are two ways to raise a million dollars for the front line of conservation – one is to try and find a single wealthy donor, the other is to find a million people each willing to send one dollar for the cause.”

Carter's War

Let’s join Carter on his quest to save his homeland beginning May 26, 2016 with the premiere of “Carter’s W.A.R.” The gripping documentary series will air at 9:00pm every Thursday via Outdoor Channel 138 on Cignal TV.

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Check out the trailer of “Carter’s W.A.R.”:

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