Q&A with Megan Lee of Nickelodeon’s ‘Make It Pop’

Get to know more about Megan Lee, the funky, fresh and free spirited Sun Hi on Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop.”

Megan Lee


– Full name: Megan Hyerin Lee
– Birthday: 9/18/1995
– Age: 20
– Birthplace: Los Angeles California, USA
– Heritage: Korean
– Hobbies: Watching movies, shopping online, writing songs, knitting
– Motto: Never give up and learn how to embrace the rain because there will be a rainbow in the end.

Lee is a young rising superstar widely known for being a triple threat, mastering the arts of acting, singing and dancing. A Southern California native, she started her professional career at the age of ten. Her television credits include guest appearances on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” “BrainSurge,” and Disney’s “Get Connected” and “3 Minute Game Show.” She has also guest starred on the Starz Original series “Crash,” created by Glen Mazzara (creator of The Walking Dead) and based on the Academy Award-winning film directed by Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale). In between acting, Lee launched her YouTube channel of original songs and music covers which led her to South Korea where she officially debut her first K-pop singles “8dayz” and “OST Ready for Love in Korea.”

With unending support from her family, Lee is able to fulfill her dreams of being a singer/actress.

Megan Lee (Sun Hi) with co-stars Louriza Tronco (Jodi) and Erika Tham (Corki) in "Make It Pop" Season 2

Megan Lee (Sun Hi) with co-stars Louriza Tronco (Jodi) and Erika Tham (Corki) in “Make It Pop” Season 2


What are the three (3) things that you do every day?
Playing with dogs. Check social media accounts. Think about what to eat.

What do you value most: free time, recognition or money? Why?
Free time. It’s so important to spend time with your family between your work. It’s priceless

What are the three (3) things that your friends don’t know about you?
I sleep talk. I’m a trypophobia. I am single.

Who do you consider your hero and why?
My mom because I wouldn’t be who I am without her, she is awesome and so beautiful inside and out!

Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

Do you have physical features that you try to cloak or hide? How come?
My legs. I was very insecure about my legs so I always tried to cover them with long knee high socks when I was younger but now they look so much better after I worked hard with regular yoga classes.

What’s your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?
I love popcorn and sometimes I go to movie theaters just for popcorn.

Before this, what was your very first job?
My very first booked job was an Indie Rock Band’s music video

Megan Lee (Sun Hi) with co-stars Louriza Tronco (Jodi) and Erika Tham (Corki) in "Make It Pop" Season 2

Megan Lee (Sun Hi) with co-stars Louriza Tronco (Jodi) and Erika Tham (Corki) in “Make It Pop” Season 2


Do you think love is chemical, intellectual, spiritual or completely indefinable?

Do you believe that everyone deserves redemption and forgiveness?
Yes all people do.

Megan Lee with other "Make It Pop" cast members

Megan Lee with other “Make It Pop” cast members


In the new season of ‘Make it Pop’, what do we (viewers) expect from the show?
As you already know, new relationships are formed, drama heats up in the future episodes.

What makes ‘Make it Pop’ different from the other projects that you made?
It’s my very first series regular job and I think our show is very unique because it incorporates singing, acting and dancing more than any other show on TV.

Check out Megan’s best moments on the show:

Catch Megan on the second season of the music-infused daily series “Make It Pop” from Monday to Friday at 6:00pm on Nickelodeon.

If you haven’t seen the show’s first season yet, you can catch-up and watch it at

“Make It Pop” Season 2 Trailer:

Images courtesy of Steve Wilke and Nickelodeon

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