Smart Bro’s Hottest Deal this Summer: Get the 4G Pocket WiFi for Only P888!

Summer just got better as SMART Bro recently launched its hottest offer yet. You can now get the best 4G Pocket WiFi for the very affordable price of only P888! Hurry, this offer is good until summer ends.

Smart Bro 888

Summer is the most-awaited season for many because it’s the time of the year when we often go to the beach or travel to different places and take our vacation. It’s the time when we get more adventurous and just live all out under the blue skies, take selfies all the time and capture the beauty of each destination we’ve been in our smartphone and share it with our friends and relatives by posting those pictures and videos on our social media accounts.

Let me just say that your summer this year just got better because Smart Bro launched its hottest deal ever–you can now get the best 4G Pocket WiFi of your own for only P888! This means you are connected wherever you may spend your vacation and you can easily share those moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in real time! Plus you can share your internet connection to your family and friends while on vacation so you can all surf together and watch a movie on iflix or play Clash of Clans or have a sound trip on Spinnr or use Google Maps/Waze to easily find your destination. The Smart Bro Pocket WiFi can connect up to 10 devices–your tablet, laptop, and more!

Since it’s the hottest deal this summer–the lowest price for a 4G Pocket WiFi ever at only P888–it’s also preloaded with 150MB of data and best paired with SurfMax85, an AllDay surfing perfect for sharing up to 800MB/day which is valid for 2 days. All these makes this gadget a “must-have” this season because after summer, it will return to its original price.

You can now order your own 4G Pocket WIFI for only P888 via the Smart Online Store at For more details on Surfmax85, visit

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