‘Matanglawin’ Lights Up Sunday Viewing in Newest Fun-Filled Episode

Trivia King and Anak TV Hall of Famer Kuya Kim Atienza delves on an essential part of our daily lives this Sunday (April 3) in “Matanglawin” as he discovers more about light in the most-awarded educational program.


Atienza will try to light up a bulb using only his finger while differentiating normal light from a blacklight. Meanwhile, three friends who call themselves Baconeers go on a trek to travel all over the country in 200 days while giving solar lamps to communities who do not have access to any source of electricity. The episode will also feature a roadtrip like no other as “Matanglawin” meets “Jeepito,” the smallest Philippine jeepney, which gives bigger vehicles a run for their money. “Matanglawin,” now on its 8th year, aims to educate kids and adults alike and explore the wonders of nature, technology, and general science as Kuya Kim explores every nook and cranny that he can reach for the sake of knowledge. Tune in to “Matanglawin” this Sunday (April 3), 10 am on ABS-CBN or ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167). Catch up via or for Sky subscribers. Follow their Facebook page at and official Twitter account (@MatanglawinTV) for more updates.

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