PH Bet Gwendolyn Ruais Hits Bottom 2 in the Pilot Episode of ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’

Here’s a recap of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 episode 1:


14 aspiring models are greeted by Cindy, Kelly and Kenneth at the iconic National Stadium of Singapore.

Judges on set for the first challenge

Before the first photoshoot
Contestants were challenged to showcase their catwalk skills – but with a twist. Some stood out but others visibly struggled under the pressure.

First challenge

Girls resting on set for the challenge

The girls see The Model House for the first time, and experience the first big shock of the season.

Girls in the model house 2

In honor of 1960’s “Bubble Series”, contestants strike elegant and sophisticated poses in a huge transparent bubble for the first photoshoot – also with a twist.

First photoshoot

Some contestants found the unusual environment and challenging shoot all too much.  Judges were impressed by some younger contestants who showed great potential, although not everyone was up to scratch.


During the deliberation, two ladies hit bottom two and they were Gwendolyn Ruais from the Philippines and Angie Watkins from Singapore.


Cindy handed the last photograph to Angie. However, in a twist, Cindy revealed that Gwen was safe, since there had already been an elimination that week outside the judging panel.






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  1. Tama lagi ang opinion ng mga abs fans. Sambahin po natin sila. Mga Diyos po sila…..

  2. Anonymous // March 10, 2016 at 6:14 pm //

    Mediocre ang lady host. Mas magaling si Georgina Wilson.

  3. anu ba inaasahna nio? sureness naman matatalo yan kasi di supportado ng ADN unlike msU na talagang supportado ng ADN kaya nanalo si pia #fact

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