Matteo Guidicelli Tests His Physical Limits in Triathlon on ‘Sports U’

Matteo Guidicelli is more than a handsome actor who makes fans squeal in glee in “Dolce Amore.”


The Fil-Italian celebrity is also one serious athlete who dabbles in triathlon. This Thursday (March 10) on “Sports U,” Guidicelli tested the limits of his physical fitness when he partook of the festivities at the recently-concluded Century Tuna Triathlon in Subic as part of Team Ford Forza. Meanwhile, the Manila Dragonboat team celebrates its 25th year as it campaigns for its advocacy of breast cancer awareness, having six of their members as breast cancer survivors. The team is one of the pioneers of the dragonboat scene in the country. See more of Matteo’s exploits in Subic and the Manila Dragonboat squad as they push themselves further in “Sports U,” on Thursday (March 10) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. “Sports U” aims to promote athletes who have inspiring stories to share and may possibly become future sports stars of the country. It also promotes fitness and healthy lifestyle by looking into how celebrities stay in shape. Follow their Facebook page at and official Twitter account (@SportsUTV) for more updates.

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