Cristine Reyes on Issue with Vivian Velez: ‘I will no longer be shaken by negativity’

Cristine Reyes expressed her gratitude to the people who supported her and stood by her after her “Tubig at Langis” co-star Vivian Velez made accusations that she’s rude on the set. Velez resigned from the show while Cristine aired her side of the story and eventually issued an apology to the veteran actress if her “actions were misconstrued for rudeness.”

Cristine Reyes FB

The “Tubig at Langis” star took to Facebook and Instagram her ‘thank yous’ to the following:

I’d like to thank my co-star, director and our staff, specifically @TartCarlos, @DionneMonsanto, @RaymsOcampo, Boss Tet our Executive Producer, Boss Mamu our Production Manager and our Business unit Head Dir. Ruel S. Bayani for standing by the truth and guiding me to be the better person in the midst of this trying situation.

Thank you for checking up on me and for all the encouraging words Zanjoe, Belle, Nadia and Yanna.

Thank you Viva Management specially my handler Barbie. My manager and second mom Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus and Dir. Jon Corpus. You guys are truly family.

And lastly to my family. Ali thank you for being my pilar. As a new family, we are immediately faced by something you are not used to. But you are always by my side. Thank you. Truly, it is during these times that the people who truly care for you stay by your side. Thank you Ate Ara and to my family.

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Cristine summed up her post by saying:

“I will no longer be shaken by negativity. I know that as long as the people I love know the truth, that is all that matters. It is at these moments that I am called be a better person, not just for myself but for my daughter.”

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