Morissette Amon – ‘I Love You Goodbye’ – Confessions Valentine Concert (Video)

Morissette Amon sang “I Love You, Goodbye” by Celine Dion in “Confessions: A night of Secrets, Stories and Songs” on Friday, February 12, 2016 at the Music Museum.


Aside from Morissette, “Confessions” also featured other Stages talents like Steven Silva, Timmy Pavino, Tippy Dos Santos, Aicelle Santos, Polly Cabrera, Bullet Dumas, Clara Benin, Serge Gabriel, Keiko Necesario, Curtsmith, Issa Rodriguez, Gio Quintos, etc. It was a memorable evening that reminisced first dates, first loves, break ups, make ups and everything that has something to do about love through songs, music and spoken word.

Watch Morissette in her awe-inspiring performance of “I Love You, Goodbye” below:

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