Hero TV Says I Love You this February

In the month of love, being an anime fan never stops.

Sometimes, there are those anime’ shows that touch our hearts and let us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hero Feb

Otakus (anime and Japanese culture fan in English) can rejoice as Hero TV brings back titles that are both familiar and new to everyone without scrimping on any of the action, comedic moments, or even romantic ones this month of February.

As the love month rolls, journey once again with Mei Tachibana through the ins and outs of being, and having, a relationship in “Say I Love You.” Then there’s being friends with someone whose memory lasts only a week in “One Week Friend.” Or join Magasumi who finds out what it’s like to be married to a mermaid who’s a daughter of an underwater gangster in “My Bride is a Mermaid.”

Otakus should also not miss out on Hero TV’s new offering, “Space brothers,” which tells the story of brothers Mutta and Hibito who dreams of becoming famous astronauts. The other new titles for Hero TV this month are “Aoharu Ride” and “Magic Kaito.”

Old favorites like “Captain Earth,” “Dragon Force,” “Kuroko No Basket,” “Eccentric Family,” and “Ixion Saga” also make a return to the channel to provide more action, laughter, and inspiring moments.

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