Black Nazarene Devotees Share Stories of Tested Faith on ‘Tapatan ni Tunying’

Every January, thousands of Filipinos profess their devotion to the Black Nazarene of Quiapo and brave their way through the sea of people just to touch the image, in deep prayer for a miracle.


But tomorrow (Jan 8) on “Tapatan ni Tunying,” broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna gets to know devotees who participate in the procession for the blessings they have already received.

There is 72-year-old Zony Ramos, who vowed to honor her life-long vow to the Nazarene. Before she got her miracle, Zony’s faith went through a series of tests. Some of her family members were struck with serious illnesses, and she herself was diagnosed with cervical cancer, given only three months to live. Despite all the trials, her faith did not waiver.

Like Zony, Evelyn Davis was at the lowest point in her life when she gave birth to a premature baby who had a bleak chance of surviving. But after walking on her knees at Quiapo Church for nine days, she got her miracle.

“The doctor was shocked. ‘What did you do?’ I said, ‘Nothing, you told me to ask for help from the Lord so I did. Why, what happened?’ ‘Believe me, your child’s lungs are now fully developed,” Evelyn said, recalling what her doctor told her.

Know more about them in “Tapatan ni Tunying” tomorrow (Jan 8) night after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. Catch it at an earlier time on DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable channel 26), 9:30PM. For updates, follow the programs social media accounts,, and

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