WATCH: Cute Kids Unbox the Acer Aconia One 7 from Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans

Two cute kids make an adorable gadget review on the Acer Aconia One 7 from Smart Bro’s all new Gadget Plus Plans.

Kids Review

Still looking for that perfect gift to your little ones or “inaanak” that will trump all gifts that they will receive this Christmas? Do you want to hear them say “best gift ever” right after they unwrap your present? Then give them the gift of gadgets!

Smart Bro has a new Gadget Plus Plans roster and all you need to do is choose a tablet, laptop or other device to go with your Smart Bro postpaid gadget or SIM.

The Plan 599, for excample, offers 2 units of Acer Iconia 7 that they and the whole family will surely enjoy. And it comes with a 4G Pocket Wifi with 1.7 GB Data, and free 1.1GB for iflix, Fox, or Spinnr. This plan has no cash-out, and for 24 months lock-in.

For more details on the Acer Iconia One 7 for Plan 599 and to know about other available Gadget Plus Plans, visit

Watch two cute kids reviewing the Acer Iconia 7 below:

More “Cute Kids Gadget Reviews” coming soon!

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