Zoren Legaspi and Gelli de Belen Topbill Heartwarming Story of Pampanga’s Parol King in ‘MMK’

Get to know Pampanga’s Parol King and find out how the light of giant parols guided him on his way back home this Saturday (Dec 19) in another heartwarming episode of “MMK” topbilled by Zoren Legaspi and Gelli De Belen.

Gelli Zoren

As early as childhood, Rolando (Zoren) is already fascinated with parol making and would even help his father make giant lanterns for their barangay in Pampanga. Parols are very important to him alongside happy memories of spending Christmas with his beloved family and neighborhood.

However, as he grows older, parol making takes a backseat in his life when he goes to Saudi to work. Rolando feels extremely lonely especially during Christmas as he misses his family and new bride Renita (Gelli) so badly.


Little did he know that the craft he first loved will lead him back to the Philippines and finally end the longing he feels in his heart.

Joining this “MMK” episode are Louise Abuel, Susan Africa, Almira Muhlach, Allan Paule, Ricardo Cepeda, Levi Ignacio, Zeppi Borromeo, Tart Carlos, Francis Magundayao, Carlo Lacana, Jonic Magno, Winryll Banaag, Micko Laurente, John Michael, and Gilleth Sandico. The episode is directed by Raz Dela Torre and written by Arah Jell Badayos. “MMK” is led by business unit head Malou Santos.

Gelli and Zoren

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