Atty. Francis Tolentino Reveals Platform as a Senatorial Candidate

Atty. Francis Tolentino is best known as the former Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). And now, he is running for Senator in the 2016 elections.


So what are his credentials, you may ask? You’ll be surprised.

Tolentino’s educational background alone makes him an exceptional candidate for Senator. Check out his Educational background:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) – Ateneo de Manila University (1980)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – Ateneo de Manila University Law School (1984)
  • Graduate School of Public Service, New York University
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Administration – Robert F. Wagner
  • Master on National Security Administration (MNSA) – National Defense College of the Philippines (Rank: #6 out of 55 Graduates)
  • Master of Laws (LLM) – University of London (England) Specializing in Public International Law – (with Merit) Second Honors
  • Doctor of Judicial Science (International Environment Law)
  • (Candidate, SJD) Tulane University Law School (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Here are other educational institutions that he attended:

  • Hague Academy of International Law (Netherlands) – 1989
  • RAND Graduate School, Sta. Monica, California, USA (executive course)
  • General Staff Course (GSC) 1-Year Program – Command and General Staff
  • College, Philippine Army, Fort Bonifacio (reserve army)
  • The Bookings Institute, Washington, CD (2004)

And since being a senator requires a thorough knowledge of the law, check out Tolentino’s Legal Experience:

  • Passed the 1984 Philippine Bar Exams with a General Average of 85.25% (with scores of 94%, 95% and 100% in Labor Laws, Taxation, and Criminal Law, respectively)
  • Passed the 1991 New York State Bar Exams
  • Practiced Law with Fornier & Defensor Law Offices, Padilla Law Offices (of the Late Justice Teodoro Padilla) and the Freeman Law Offices (New York City)
  • Presently a Partner at Oraa Ruaro & Tolentino Law Offices (Manila)
  • Member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Member, New York County Lawyers Association
  • Member, American Bar Association
  • Member, Natural Resources Defense Council (New York City)
  • Member, American Constitution Society (Louisiana, USA)
  • Member, Bipartisan Policy center (B.P.C.) (Washington, D.C., USA)

Now, read his platform if ever he becomes elected as Senator:

I stand for greater empowerment of local government units and establishment of regional clusters for increased economic benefits at the grassroots.

I, therefore, propose amendments to the Local Government Code that will accomplish the following:

– Increase the allocation of Internal Revenue Allotment based on performance and its automatic release to local government units (LGUs)
– Create a Police Youth Reserve Corps to help in peace and order and disaster response
– Establish and support community colleges supported by the national government offering courses attuned to the needs of communities where they are located and subsidies for the National Government
– Establish community airports in support of tourism
– Create a Philippine Urban Development Commission that will work closely with LGUs to promote the concept of planned cities that will prevent the problems experienced in Metropolitan Manila from happening elsewhere

I stand for disaster preparedness and speedy rehabilitation for greater resiliency in the face of climate change.

I, therefore, propose that the national government allocate funds to a Community Rehabilitation/Recovery Trust Fund for LGUs.

I, therefore, propose the setting up of a well-planned system for rehabilitating communities adversely affected by natural and man-made disasters, with the assistance of the private sector, thru appropriate tax incentives.

I stand for the protection of our natural environment and the integrity of the ecology so that future generations of Filipinos can live sustainably.

I, therefore, propose the practice of responsible mining coupled with assured revenues for host communities to be used for community development projects.

I, therefore, propose that tax holidays be given to environment-friendly companies and enterprises as incentives.

I stand for a healthy citizenry who are the real wealth of our nation who will bring us to prosperity.

I, therefore, propose that children in school automatically become direct beneficiaries of PhilHealth and educational health insurance as an effective way of investing in their future and in the future of our country.

I stand for the greater participation and empowerment of women in the labor force to unleash their full potential for economic development.

I, therefore, propose women’s statutory right to wellness and health facilities for their children.

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