4th Impact Speak Out on Being ‘Shoved’ by Lauren Murray in The X Factor UK (Video)

Fans of 4th Impact across the globe were outraged after one of the finalists–Lauren Murray–was seen on national television pushing one member of the Filipino girl group away as she tried to give her a hug.

4th Impact and Lauren

Here’s the video of The X Factor UK Week 4 Results Show on November 22, 2015 when Murray was caught on camera shoving 4th Impact member Mylene (the controversial ‘shove’ begins at 3:22 frame) and allegedly called her a “s**g.”

Netizens around the world bashed Murray in social media after the incident.

4th Impact, on the other hand, appealed to their fans to stop saying harsh words against their rival. In a video message that the group posted on Twitter, the girls said Lauren is their friend and that she did not call Mylene a s**g.

Watch the video message below:

Both 4th Impact and Lauren Murray made it to the show’s Top 5 and will be returning next week together with Louisa Johnson, Reggie & Bollie, and Che Chesterman.

Do you think Murray did push one member of 4th Impact on purpose and that she called Mylene a s**g? What do you think?

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  1. sweetnothing // November 28, 2015 at 12:02 pm //

    #4thimpact #ukxfactor2015 “love the way you lie” 😀

  2. uyy briggs cra ulo inutil bobo tanga lahat asaiyo wala ka kasing talent’

  3. Wag nlng pansinin yan si briggs…labas masok na yan sa mental hospital #Fact

  4. plastic plastican nan tong mga babaitang to para makakuha ng hype. mga feeling close kasi kaya tinulak bakit ka naman yayapos di naman kayo close diba? buti nga di kayo tonadyakan o sinapak

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