Pitch Factor: Submit a Video of Your Group’s Best A Cappella Performance and Win a Cash Prize

Do you have a group of 3 or more members who can sing good a capella? Then submit the video of your group’s best a cappella performance and win a cash prize!

Pitch Factor

PITCH FACTOR Full Contest Mechanics

1. What is the promo?

Pitch Factor is an online contest wherein a group of 3 or more members, 14-35 years old can submit their best a cappella performance for a chance to win cash prizes worth P30,000 (1st Prize), P20,000 (2nd Prize), and P10,000 (3rd Prize).

2. When is the promo period?

The promo period is from November 13 – December 13, 2015.

3. Who can qualify for the promo?

a) Group of 3 or more members
b) Group members must be 14-35 years old to qualify in the promo
c) Each group must first completely register to the promo to be eligible to join the contest
d) Group with entries that are rude, malicious, and lewd will automatically be disqualified.
e) The contest is open nationwide

4. How to register?

a) To register, a group representative must simply visit and fill in the following details on the promo page:
• Input First Name, Last Name, Complete Address, Birth Date
• Mobile number, Email Address, Facebook Link for the video entries
b) Registration is free. After the initial registration, there will be no need to register again.
c) A unique registrant can only have one (1) entry submission for the promo
d) A unique entry can only have one submission for the promo. Should there be multiple entries, only one (1) will be considered valid.

5. How to join?

a. Interested groups may qualify in the promo doing the following mechanics:
• Each group must submit one entry comprising of the following a Capella performances: a song of their choice, and their choice of Christmas song. Both performances must be two (2) to three (3) minutes each.
• Entry must be in video form (mp4) to be uploaded on Magnavision Facebook page at . Each video entry must contain the two (2) required performances
• Each group can only have one (1) entry submission for the promo. A unique entry can only have one (1) submission for the promo
• Magnavision Home Video ( must be tagged for the entries
• Entries can be a mash-up of different songs. Video entries can be edited. Lip synching and auto tuning are not allowed.
• Rude, malicious and lewd entries are automatically disqualified.

6. What are the prizes/Date of determination of winners?

Cut-off for submission of entries is on December 13, 2015. Winners will be determined on December 14. Three (3) winners will be selected:

• 1st Place. P30,000 cash and P10,000 worth of pre-selected DVD titles
• 2nd Place. P20,000 cash and P5,000 worth of pre-selected DVD titles
• 3rd Place. P10,000 cash and P3,000 worth of pre-selected DVD titles

7. How to win?

• The winners will be determined by judging according to the following criteria – an average score will be determined for the two (2) performances submitted by each registered group:
o 100 minimum no. of Facebook likes – 20%
o 50 minimum no. of Facebook shares – 10%
o Vocal Performance (balance and blend, arrangement, interpretation, rhythmic accuracy, intonation, tone quality, dynamics, and diction) – 35%
o Visual Performance (visual cohesiveness, energy/stage presence, appropriateness of movement/performance, creativity) – 35%
• Magnavision Home Video ( must be tagged for each of the video entries
• The top 10 finalist will be invited to perform at Robinsons Magnolia on December 17, 2015 where the awarding will take place.
• The following requirements should also be complete:
a. Submission of entry according to the mechanics.
b. Judging will be done by Magnavision representatives

*In any case a tie is encountered; a re-judging of entries will be done of the shortlisted entries.

8. How will the winners be determined?

Judging will be held on December 14 at the Magnavision Office, 2nd Floor, 28 Manga Road Aurora Boulevard Cubao. Only registered groups and complete submission of entry will be valid.

9. How will the Winner/s be notified?

Group winners will be notified by email and a call from Magnavision, Inc representative

10. How can the winner claim his/her prize?

a. Awarding will be at the Event Center of Robinsons Place Magnolia on December 17, 2015, 3:00-4:00PM.
b. Top performers will be invited to perform at the venue on the given date
c. Each members of the winning group/s will need to present one (1) valid Government ID w/ signature
i. Should winning group/s be unable to get their prize during the event date, prizes must be claimed at the Magnavision office located at no. 28 Manga Road Aurora Boulevard Cubao, Quezon City.
ii. Should group opt for a representative to claim the prize, the representative should bring an authorization letter with signatures of the members, along with member’s government ID, and the representative’s valid ID with picture and signature.
d. The prize must be claimed within this period otherwise it will be forfeited.

Inquiries regarding this promotional activity may be attended by our Marketing Department which may be reached at tel. (02) 9040366 or (02) 7278185

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