‘Flor de Liza’ Stars Topbill ‘Wansapanataym Presents: Lara Burara’

Rhed Bustamante and Ashley Sarmiento, the child stars of afternoon series “Flor de Liza,” will give life to Pinpin and Lara as the celebration of the 15 magical years of entertainment and values-oriented stories continues in “Wansapanataym Presents: Lara Burara” this Sunday (Nov 12).


Lara (Ashley Sarmiento) is a young girl that is fascinated with toys. One day, she and her mom buy a handmade doll at a toy store. Coincidentally, Pinpin (Rhed Bustamante), the daughter of their laundrywoman, also wants to buy the doll and even saves money just to have it. However, after a while, Lara gets bored with the doll and takes it for granted. Little does she know that the doll carries a magic spell with it.

What will Lara do once she discovers that the doll is cursed? Will she be able to learn her lesson? Can Pinpin save her from this curse?

Also joining the cast of “Wansapanataym Presents: Lara Burara” are Agot Isidro, Dominic Ochoa, Tart Carlos, and Gee Canlas. It is under the direction of Francis Xavier Pasion.

Don’t miss the life lessons shared in “Wansapanataym Presents: Lara Burara” this Sunday on ABS-CBN.

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