Meet the Cast of Trumpets’ ‘The Horse and His Boy’

We can all agree that a show needs a cast. It needs its actors to be able to breathe life into a writer’s words and deliver a director’s vision to the audience. Trumpets has assembled a cast of young, upcoming actors with veterans of the craft for an adaptation of the fifth book from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, The Horse and His Boy.

The whole cast of The Horse and His Boy with writer, Luna Grino Inocian and Director Jaime del Mundo

The whole cast of The Horse and His Boy with writer, Luna Grino Inocian and Director Jaime del Mundo

This part of the book sequel tells a story of how a boy and a horse took an epic ride. The cast of the play experienced the action-filled, physically-taxing and hardcore battle scenes. It was truly a test of skills, most especially the ones portraying the horses’ role. Extraordinary demands were twinned with the adventure. These actors were greatly challenged in showcasing the journey of conquering obstacles along the way.

Reb Atadero plays the orphan boy, Shasta. You may have seen Reb in many productions, including: The Sandbox Collective’s production of Dani Girl as Raph or Marty, Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate for Repertory Philippines. Playing the Talking Horse, Bree, is Joel Trinidad – who you may remember as “Night” in the Trumpets production of The Bluebird of Happiness. Having multiple citations and awards for his work in the theater as an actor, director, and writer, Joel’s versatility and charm make him the perfect fit for the role.

A familiar face plays the female lead, Aravis. Cara Barredo, a staple in Repertory Philippines productions, such as: 4000 Miles and The Graduate, lends her talents in her first major production with Trumpets. Jill Peña has had an interesting journey for the role of Hwin, The Talking Mare. She was first asked to play the part of Queen Susan, then the part of the storyteller, and a few days into rehearsals had to replace Cathy Azanza-Dy as Hwin. She has been in productions, such as: Carrie the Musical (Chris Hargenson), Priscilla – Queen of the Desert (Diva; Understudy), Bituing Walang Ningnig (Lavinia; Understudy).

The Horse and His Boy opens on November 6 at the Meralco Theater. For tickets, head to or call the Trumpets’ office at 9014364. You can also follow the journey on social media by heading to their Facebook page, The Horse and His Boy by Trumpets, or by using the hashtag #EpicRide.

Reb Atadero as Shasta:

Reb Atadero

Cara Barredo as Aravis:


Other cast-members:

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