Cyrus Villanueva Sings ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ in The X Factor Australia (Video)

Filipino-Australian Cyrus Villanueva sang “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Guns ‘N Roses on “The X Factor Australia” Top 6 Live Show which aired on November 2, 2015.

Cyrus Top 6

Cyrus got another standing ovation from the four judges after his performance and extended applause from the audience.

Judges Thoughts:

Guy Sebastian said “The thing I love about that song is the ability to dig and really sing that from the gut and you know what you really did that. It started in all the right places, it was soft and subtle and beautiful and when you ended up, it just made me wanna get up from my chair.”

James Blunt said “The question is not what can you sing but what can’t you sing. You’ve sing every song we’ve heard actually amazing, you knocked them off the park. Every night I think I have caught the Cyrus virus.”

Dannii Minogue said “You are nailing it week after week. Sometimes this show just captures people in their prime and all stars align. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Chris Isaak said “We all know you could sing and with this song I’m really proud to see you growing again because Guy had ideas for the arrangement of this song, I have ideas for the arrangement of this song, and you had, you came in the end, it was your idea and you stepped forward. I love that, you’re growing as an artist.”

Watch Cyrus’ performance here:

Watch the full video here (with judges comments):

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