Vic del Rosario is Now TV5’s Chief Entertainment Strategist for Entertainment

TV5 Network has appointed Sari Sari Network (SSN), a joint venture between Cignal and Viva Communications, as the official production outfit to handle all the Entertainment requirements of TV5.

Vic del Rosario

As such, TV5 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Vic del Rosario, the Co-C.E.O. OF SSN, as its chief strategist for entertainment for TV5. Boss Vic, as he is known in the industry, has been a leading figure in the entertainment media since founding Viva Films in the 1980’s. Under his stewardship, Viva has grown to become one of the country’s leading brand in quality films, television shows, music, books and live theatre productions. TV5 President and CEO Noel C. Lorenzana welcomes Boss Vic to the Kapatid Network and notes the collaborative work that Cignal/TV5 and Viva has forged lately with the launch of Sari-Sari Network that will be airing soon on Cignal TV. Lorenzana says, “we highly value his expertise and experience in producing blockbuster films and shows through the years and we are optimistic that this new partnership would bear similar success in the future.”

Mr Lorenzana

Boss Vic will handle all entertainment shows, including those which will be line-produced for TV5. He will also be in-charge of the Network’s content strategy.

Boss Vic, for his part, said that “he is excited with the limitless possibilities that this partnership between two industry leaders in showcasing the creative talents of the Filipino to the world.” “Viva has always pioneered in bringing new talents and creative concepts in ways that the public would highly appreciate so we owe it to our audiences to bring them the best and most interesting shows that they can take to heart and claim as their very own,” he stressed. He said that TV5 and the collaborative spirit that he found in his working with the MVP group, “gives impetus to the Network’s goal of reaching out and providing the best in entertainment programs to every Filipino wherever he or she may be in the world.”

[TV5 Official Statement]

Photo Credit: Vic del Rosario’s Twitter Account

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