Book: ‘Morning Moments with God’ by Grace Fox

Devotional book “Morning Moments with God: Devotions for the Busy Woman” by bestselling inspirational author Grace Fox is now available in bookstores nationwide.

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Do you desire to draw near to God? Discover fresh biblical insights and renew your spirit as you journey through more than 150 new devotions for women by popular author Grace Fox. These gems of godly wisdom focus on God’s faithfulness and reflect on His power, presence, and promises in your life today.

You will experience practical encouragement as you savor multifaceted chapters like: Motorbikes and Leather; Loving Naomi; The Power of Three Little Words; When Life Doesn’t Make Sense; and Will You Help Me, Please? These engaging devotions for women allow you to draw near to God as you develop a greater appreciation for how God’s truth is woven throughout all of your days and deepen your trust in Him to provide for all of your tomorrows.


“Morning Moments with God is a treasure of a devotional! If you are a busy woman who has little time but you know you need a daily dose of inspiration from biblical truth, this is the ideal resource for you! Buy one for yourself and ten more to give away. I love this book!”
Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

“In Morning Moments with God, Grace Fox shares wisdom from God’s Word that is sure to make your day brighter. Each wonderful wake-up inspiration will get you started on a great day!”
Pam Farrel, author of Becoming a Brave New Woman and coauthor of Devotions for Women on the Go

“Each reading is brief but powerful, inspirational, and practical. Uplifting, challenging, convicting! What a great way to start the day!”
Christin Ditchfield, author, speaker, and host of Take It to Heart!

“Grace pulls treasure after treasure from her Bible, setting them in the mosaic of current, real-life experiences. I love that each devotional leads me to action and then leaves me in anticipation of tomorrow’s inspiration and challenge.”
Donna Lamothe, Executive Director, Stonecroft Canada

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Title: Morning Moments With God
Subtitle: Devotions for the Busy Woman
Author: Grace Fox
ISBN: 978-971-9653-50-9
Binding: Paperback
Size: 4″ x 6″
No. of pages: 178
SRP: P145.00

Published by Lifebooks, “Morning Moments with God” is now available in all branches of National Bookstore, Philippine Christian Bookstore and other outlets wherever books are sold. You can order this book online at

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