AlDub Fans Donate Blood to Philippine Red Cross #ALDUBRedCross

Fans of the sensational “AlDub” love team, also known as “AlDub Nation,” are currently holding a blood donation drive for the Philippine Red Cross.

If you want to participate, here are the details:


3 Comments on AlDub Fans Donate Blood to Philippine Red Cross #ALDUBRedCross

  1. Tapos mga Politiko pala ang may pasimuno nito. malapit na kasi ang eleksyon.

  2. AldubNation-PaMore ! // October 11, 2015 at 7:58 pm //

    WOW! Congrats AldubNation!Continue to mobilize the community to do remarkable deeds!Lahat ng pagmamahal at atensiyon ibinigay sa Aldub Loveteam this year..That’s the Reason why it’s called a Phenomenon ! Pero lahat ng kasikatan ay may kaakibat na responsibilidad..and I think both Maine & Alden are aware of it ? Continue to inspire people..Just reading this article that Aldub Fans donating to RedCross is something ! That means you’re doin great influence..Positive vibes lang lagi..

  3. Wow, Angel Locsin, being followed by more than 6 million followers(tweeter).

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