JM de Guzman Challenges Enrique Gil to a One-on-One Fight

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It looks like the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to come together.

Last September 4, Enrique Gil made headlines for getting drunk inside a commercial plane filled with Kapamilya stars en route to London. The issue: the young actor had a heated argument with Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano for being rowdy and was even slapped in the face by Liza Soberano (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE).

After several days, the “Forevermore” star apologized on national television for the drunken incident (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE) and somewhat admitted his rowdy behavior but did not reveal the exact details of what happened. Neither did the people involved in the altercation like Luis, Jessy and Liza.

Then earlier this week, reports about the break-up of Jessy Mendiola and JM de Guzman circulated online.

A couple of hours ago, JM de Guzman posted a photo of his furious eyes on Instagram with this controversial caption:

“With all due respect to Enrique Gil’s friends, fans and family. I would like to challenge to a one on one amatuer mixed martial arts match any place any time. I’ll give you time to prepare. Man up. Face me. (reply to my text messages please.) thanks brother.: @enrique17.”

After a few minutes, this Instagram post has been deleted but it remained on de Guzman’s Twitter feed.

Gossip blogger Fashion Pulis got a scoop from an “unidentified source” that JM has been sending death threats to Enrique via SMS:

While people are still trying to understand the breakup of JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola, a source revealed that things got complicated between the two after the London flight incident.

After JM learned the details of the incident, he got really angry and allegedly threatened to kill Enrique Gil for what he did to Jessy during the flight. More than the verbal fuss, the drunk Enrique allegedly rubbed his thing on the actress.

Enrique then showed JM’s threatening text to an executive of the network. What is not clear was if JM was banned from attending the Star Magic Ball or he purposely did not go. With the tension between JM and Enrique, trouble might erupt if they cross paths.

While JM showed he was ready to defend Jessy’s honor, the idea of hurting Enrique did not sit well with her. Thus, to avoid more hurt, the two ended their relationship.

Do you think the real reason why Jessy broke up with JM is the latter’s drastic reaction to what really happened in the London flight incident? And the reason why Liza slapped Enrique is because the latter was hitting on Jessy?

17 Comments on JM de Guzman Challenges Enrique Gil to a One-on-One Fight

  1. mahal n mahal ko prin any bf ko sna maalala nyarin ako

  2. eow s mga nanjn

  3. Hasn’t anyone realised it yet that it’s kind of like a mind game when Enrique Gil owned up in public?

    Enrique Gil’s probably scared of all the issues going around him, that they have a huge potential to destroy his career. Yes, he’d loose some projects in the future because of his public confession and apology, probably just a little, but just imagine how even bigger the issue would’ve been if he denied the issue(truth), of course he will choose to loose some rather than everything.

    Sorry, I know everyone is not perfect, I get that, but that’s not an excuse to see what is really the truth. What would anyone feel if one of your loved ones is being sexually harassed? Just saying, come on people be rational.

  4. hay naku sana lang magfocus na lang si jm sa career nya…ang galing nya sa All of ME at ang ganda ng show! sayang ang second chance…. kung break na sila ni jessy so be it… hindi naman sila bagay ni jessy… he deserves better..

  5. marie anne bahio // September 22, 2015 at 11:43 am //

    ‘break n b tlga c kua jm and ate jes..huhuhu nasad ako at nahurt..

  6. I love enrique,,mas gwapo pa kay alden,,gma starlets lang naman ang pinataub ng aldumb or aldog,,certified stars ang lizquen tested na nagka blockbuster movie na kahit kasisikat lang,,.,,bakit yang aldub tested na bah,,twitter is not enough,,gawan nyu yan nang movie,albums,concerts,teleserye,,,huh puru kayu yabang!!!!,,mga tanga aldub fans
    #its showtime

  7. GMA NO.1 ALDUBFOREVER // September 20, 2015 at 11:32 am //

    Yan ang 2nay na bakla..magsasabunat at sampalan scene pala cna JM at Queen lasenggero enrique..mag-sex scene na lng kayo JM at Queen Enrika..baka sakali 1billion tweet din kayo sa twitter worldwide..mga papansin..pwahahahah

  8. Pambansang binaBAE // September 20, 2015 at 9:08 am //

    Yan ang mga tunay na lalaki sa rambulan idinadaan ang problema sa babae unlike ni ALDENG na ginagamit lang si Yaya
    Dub para pagtakpan ang kabaklan nya. 😛

  9. GMA no.1 Aldubforever // September 20, 2015 at 4:18 am //

    Magpatayan na kayo JM & Enrique..wla kaming paki sa inyo mga papansin..Lipas ka na JM adik..Aldub na ang popular ngayon..pwhaahaha


  11. How stupid! Comparing Aldub and Enrique. Enrique is way out of their league. It’s like comparing Real Gold and Fake Metal. What a bunch of idiots!

  12. GMA no.1 Aldubforever // September 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm //


    Abs taob na kau lipas na tlga ang mga loveteam kgaya ng Kathniel..tinaob na kayo ng Aldub..kh8 c KASILYAS GIRL na bugaw serye nyo sa Its Tsugihan di umubra sa ALDUB..pwahahaha

  13. Sikat enrike.
    Laos jessy.
    Gawa eksena ang lola.
    Napag- usapan bigla.
    Inggit si jm kay jessy.
    Kaya patol din sya enrike.
    Kaya ayan, mga laos naambunan ng publisidad dahil sa kasikatan ni enrike,

  14. sneakerspepero // September 19, 2015 at 8:47 am //

    Mga talents to described…. talented, lasenggo, rapist, bumibili ng tao, bugaw pa more, basagulero, lamas pa more, adiktous, kopya pa more, mama sang… good example as an artist to young kids???!!!!!

  15. Ang mga BAKLITA ng Laosdos..tinupak na nman..

  16. GMA NO.1 Aldubforever // September 19, 2015 at 8:10 am //

    Sa its tsugihan time na bugawserye nyo gawin yan..baka sakali mas bumenta kysa ky Kasilyas Girl..o kaya JM magbulanyugan serye na lng kayo QUEEN ENRIQUE..bagay kasi kyo magjowa mga bekikang kasi kayo..pwahahahahah

  17. GMA NO.1 Aldubforever // September 19, 2015 at 8:05 am //

    Cge magsabunutan at sampalan kayo mga Pamintang Pabebeng basagulerang adik leading man ng GAYBSCBN..pkialam nmin sa inyo..Papansin ka lng JM Baklush..laus na kayo na ni Queen Enrique..ALDUB na ang ckat na ckat ngaun..pwahahahah

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