44 Pirate Sites Offering ABS-CBN Content Now Blocked


ABS-CBN has received several preliminary injunctions in the US Federal District Court against 44 sites distributing ABS-CBN TV shows and movies. The most recent lawsuit, ABS-CBN et al. v., et al., was filed on August 10, 2015 and seeks over $20 million in damages.

This new lawsuit follows the recent criminal arrests of Nico Angelo Rempillo of Naga City, and Jim Marcelino of Roxas City, and Mark Marlon Millendez of Davao City, who allegedly operated sites that pirated ABS-CBN’s TV shows and movies. Civil lawsuits have been filed for copyright and trademark infringement against these three defendants, for over $10 million in damages. Millendez’s websites, and, have already been taken down and replaced with the pleadings for the lawsuit against him. Rempillo’s website,, and Marcelino’s websites,,,, and, have been ordered disabled and are in the process of being transferred.

The following sites, which were offering ABS-CBN TV shows and movies without permission, have been ordered by the Court to be disabled and have either already been disabled or are in the process of being blocked today or tomorrow. These sites had combined traffic of over 3.4 million views:

ABS-CBN’s AVP for Global Anti-Piracy & Content Security, Elisha Lawrence, warned: “These sites pose a major risk to our viewers because by clicking on these sites, the malware can allow hackers to invade their phones, laptops and tablets and steal private information including their bank account numbers, private emails as well as to have access to other confidential information. Warn your friends and family to stay away from pirate sites. Don’t pay a high price for free! If you find any additional pirate sites, youtube or google blogspot links offering or distributing ABS-CBN TV shows and movies, please email us the information at .”

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