Experience Spectacular Shopping at the Spectrum Fair Manila


Spectrum Fair Manila is the premium lifestyle shop and lounge experience that showcases beauty in every hue. A one-of-a-kind collection of different lifestyle pieces from the hip to the luxurious, all masterfully curated for the young and young at heart. A harmonious mix of the unique, the exotic, the exquisite and the grand – Spectrum Fair Manila brings everyone an astounding collaboration between new wave businesses that promise a diverse selection of great finds for a great bargain.

The brainchild of Pia Arellano and her daughter Alyssa, the creative duo invited upstart and reputable businesses to create a wholesome shop and lounge escapade that will be held each quarter of every year. The event serves as the perfect platform for emerging lifestyle brands to be known and be loved in a fair that is both intimate and exciting. Spectrum Fair Manila aims to give brands an opportunity to increase their visibility and tap an exclusive market sector without the need to spend a huge amount of money for marketing and advertising. By putting these brands at the core of Spectrum Fair Manila, they will instantly receive a significant boost in market interests, gain free promotion from some of the prominent people in our society and of course be front and center of the whole lifestyle scene. Spectrum Fair Manila, after all, is all about bringing together some of the best brands and products to watch out for and allowing them to shine in the country’s premium one-of-a-kind “Shop and Lounge” experience. With a huge selection of well-curated items from decadent sweets to gourmet specialties, from intricate accessories to fashionable clothes, from unique items for your home to great stuff to bring in every adventure, Spectrum Fair Manila allures lifestyle enthusiast from all over.

Spectrum Fair

Pia and Alyssa aim to bring the very essence of lifestyle to life with Spectrum Fair Manila. It’s not only a shopping event for those who seek the extraordinary; it’s also a place where you can lounge for hours with amazing people from various walks of life. Complete with live music courtesy of some of the freshest bands from the local music scene, the ambience of the whole fair is light, engaging and most of all, perfect for appreciating life’s simple pleasures.The event also pays tribute to local homegrown talents and innovators with their artisanal masterpieces for everyone to share and experience. Headlining the roster of surging lifestyle brands are: the fabulous source of affordable chic treasures, Chic Curator; the vibrant and trendy Googoo and Gaga; fashionable ladies’ footwear by Annie + Lori; catchy and hip prints by Bucketfeet & Esperos Bags; great finds for relaxation and looking sharp by Bondi Lifestyle + OTAA; fun and cool socks from Iconic Socks; alluring fragrances by Sparrow; stunning artisanal jewelry by Istorya; great finds for those with an active lifestyle from Brown Belly; and food enthusiast Erwan Heussaff’s source of fresh and healthy food on-the-go, Sprout.

Like the explosion of colors from sunrise to sunset or the meaningful depth found in the simplicity of black and white, the best thing about differences will always be that there is beauty in diversity. Spectrum Fair Manila is an experience filled with stunning discoveries and memorable interactions that everyone will keep looking forward to.

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