Edu Manzano and Lorna Tolentino Encourage Shoppers at Watsons SM MOA to ‘Switch and Save’

Shoppers at Watsons SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City had a pleasant surprise on Tuesday, August 25, as popular celebrities Edu Manzano and Lorna Tolentino mingled with them and gave them tips on how to choose high-quality medicines and supplements and save up to 80% at the same time.

Wearing the Watsons uniform, the two veteran actors even played a mini-game with the customers by asking them several questions and made them choose between SAVINGS or QUALITY.

“When it comes to choosing medicines, are you for SAVINGS or QUALITY?” the actor asked while holding the SAVINGS sign to convince the shoppers that it’s important to find the most affordable brand.

Holding the QUALITY card, Lorna won over several shoppers to join her side and convinced them that when it comes to their own well-being, they should be looking for high-quality medicines and supplements.

After both actors “recruited” a number of followers to join their campaign, they revealed that in real life, they no longer need to choose between QUALITY and SAVINGS because they can get both simply by buying Watsons Generics.

Lorna stated the fact that Watsons Generics is backed by over 170 years of pharmaceutical experience and the generic drugs carried by this brand undergo a 5-step quality assurance process.

Edu, on the other hand, pointed out that since Watsons is a multinational corporation, it can mass produce high-quality medicines and supplements and sell them as low as 80% cheaper than other brands. And by giving Filipinos more healthcare options at an affordable price, it translates to more savings for their daily budget.

Edu and Lorna are proud to say that they have tried the products of Watsons Generics before signing up as endorsers for the brand. They’ve been known to be health conscious and as a matter of fact, they both own a farm (Edu in Batangas while Lorna in Cavite) where they get their fruits and vegetables as part of their healthy lifestyle. That’s why they are careful with the products that they endorse because the public will buy these products based on their approval. And after trying the effectiveness of various medicines and supplements of Watsons Generics, they decided to accept the offer to become its brand ambassadors.

Together, they are convincing more and more Filipinos to make that switch! Watch their TVC for Watsons Generics below:

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