Smart Infinity Offers VIP Privileges with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung S6 Edge Postpaid Plans

Galaxy Note 5

As if it’s not enough to own the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet and/or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, getting your hands on these devices becomes even more rewarding when you acquire them via Smart Infinity, Smart Communications’ premium postpaid brand.

“The latest devices are strategically launched every so often with innovative updates and we always want to upgrade; that’s a given. But when you upgrade your device with Smart Infinity, you really get so much more. And no other postpaid plan pairs rewarding lifestyle options with the latest premium devices better than Smart Infinity,” said Julie Carceller, head of Smart Infinity.

In April, Smart Infinity launched the S6 and S6 Edge with a travel experience package at Shangri-La Boracay. “The S6 Edge is amongst the highest-selling devices ever launched by Samsung and we had a very fun and memorable launch in Boracay when we paired it with a travel promo. Our members enjoyed two ‘galaxies’ with the gadgets and the travel perk,” added Carceller.”

And now that the latest Samsung devices, the S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5, are arriving in style via Smart Infinity, we want our subscribers to know that we are pairing it with a wide array of rewarding options tailor fit the passions and interests of our Infinity Members: SSI Purple Gift Card, Rustan’s Gift Cards and PAL’s Mabuhay Miles.

Meanwhile, Infinity Marketing Manager James Chi hints at exciting things to come for existing and future Infinity members. “We want our Infinity Members to live the Smart Life. Coupled with the innovative content options of Smart Communications, our exclusive perks and privileges just keep getting better. We ourselves are very excited to let our members and would-be members know of what’s ahead for Infinity—because bigger things are bound to happen. If we are going to give clues at the moment, let’s just say that Infinity is once again staging something world-class. Infinity is also bringing members to most elite destinations soon.”

In control of your postpaid plan and perks

The Note 5 or S5 Edge Plus will be available at Smart Infinity’s Consumable LTE 3500 with lock-in periods depending on whether it’s 32 or 64 GB. If a member decides to get the devices via Consumable LTE 5000 or Consumable LTE 8000, you get the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. This offer is only available from Aug. 15 to Sept. 15, 2015.

True to Infinity’s pampering promise, the plans also include a galaxy of VIP privileges:

VIP Customer Service: Smart Infinity members have a dedicated Infinity Relationship Officer (exclusive to plans 5000 and 8000), access to a 24/7 worldwide concierge service, priority in dedicated Smart Stores as well as the option to have their preferred mobile number and a spare SIM.

VIP Network Access: Smart Infinity subscribers can rely on the Smart network to enjoy calls and convenient mobile internet connectivity. Users of LTE-compatible devices can maximize this benefit and enjoy watching movies or videos, upload or download photos and more, on their mobile device on the country’s most widely-available LTE service.

VIP Rewards and Privileges: Smart Infinity members have a whole array of year-round privileges, which can be simply accessed through their innovative Smart Infinity Lifestyle App.

Individuals interested in enjoying the premium Smart Infinity experience with a complimentary Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus, may contact 848-8806, visit or email

Visit the Smart Infinity website to see the latest plans, and express their interest for the new flagship devices at

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