Online Store Builder ‘TackThis!’ Optimizes Digital Platforms for Better E-Commerce in the Country

Tack this

Theoretically, the Philippines is known to be the social media capital of the world. While this is routinely celebrated, there are only a limited number of online tools that help Filipinos to monetize these digital platforms. Online creator TackThis! addresses this problem.

TackThis! lets anyone and everyone, including established retailers, small business owners, and avid bloggers, to quickly and easily set up an online store. Proof of this is their long-standing trackrecord as this digital platform fuels Voyager Innovations, the digital arm of PLDT and Smart Comunications, Inc.

TackThis! is an end-to-end service that allows users to showcases their respective products, manage store inventory, and accept payments using different providers.

Sounds complicated? Not really. In fact, TackThis! was designed with the non-techie in mind.

“In the age of Instagram, everyone has a personal brand. You could be a foodie who loves to write cookbooks, for example. TackThis! would allow you to sell those cookbooks online with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use dashboard. That way, you don’t have to focus on mastering complex technology but only on what you do best: sharing your passion and developing your own brand,” said Rebecca Ricalde, the Assistant Vice-President for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

TackThis! store can be accessed anywhere. In fact, TackThis user can post their TackThis! store to social media sites like Facebook, as well as blog site such as Tumblr and Blogspot, and personal blogs. The fact that one is able to post TackThis! on different platforms, it signifies that in an instant there are substantial amount of potential clients.

“Even if you’re posting the same TackThis! shop to different platform, each of those have different audiences. You can sell your handwoven scarves to your friends on Facebook, your followers on Tumblr, and your readers on Blogspot. You’re essentially setting up mini franchises of yourself all from the comfort of your keyboard,” said Mitch Padua, the Vice President of Digital Commerce at Voyager Innovations.

Given a wide range of presence in the blogosphere and online world would ultimately provide more customers for one’s store as it has several features like order fulfillment. TackThis! facilitates and optimizes the purchasing process so that products can be sold effectively.

“Visiting an online store is one thing: purchasing something from there is a whole different anilmal. TackThis! makes it easy to convert visitors to customers. As an example, we offer a variety of payment options tailored for the Philippine market, including cash-on-delivery. These choices make it hard for a customer to say “no” to the product, they are really pining for your store,” said Ricalde.

TackThis! facilitates individual sales, but also makes it easy for any person to achieve what every store owner wants: scale. While there are several online stores in the country, a lot of them are selling informally on classified sites or over social media. This means that they have to deal with any questions manuallly and all customers one-by-one.

In contrast to this system, TackThis! automates a lot of aspects of the store via the dashboards and tools, in order to reach infinitely more people. One good example is that if you’re selling informally through social media site, one may receive inquiries regarding products that is no longer in stock. This does not only mean wasted time of the seller but an inconvenience to the inquirer’s time and money. Such experience results to bad customer service.

TackThis! has an automated inventory tracking where customers can purchase products that is in stock. This equates to better and smoother customer relations, wherein one will no longer worry about losing potential sales – in short, one can focus on the bigger picture as Padua points out.

“Because TackThis! makes it easier to manage your store, such as through automated inventory and sales tracking, merchants can think form a much broader perspective. So instead of thinking in terms of gaining customers, you think in terems of opening new markets. TackThis! unlocks the power of ecommerce for every Filipino who wants it,” said Padua.

TackThis is a product of PayWhere Pte Ltd. It is an effective e-retail solutions with social commerce capabilities that empowers individuals and businesses to sell across web, social media and mobile. They are digital platform perfect for businesses as it provides leverage on social media to optimize sales.

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