To The Top: Adrian, Joshua, JP, & Lharby Showcase Their Dance Moves (Video)

To The Top

In every boyband, voice and good looks are not enough. You should also have the groove in order to make the girls swoon. And this is what the first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines is all about.

Four of the 18 aspiring “To The Top” contestants–Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe, JP Palanca, and Lharby Policarpio–showcase their dancing skills in an exclusive video released by GMA-7, making them a triple threat in the competition. Helping them hone their groove and swagger are Prince Paltu-ob and Madelle Enriquez Palt-ob of the Philippine Allstars, and international break dancing champion Jesse “Reflex” Gotangco, who all serve as their dance coaches.

Check it out!

To The Top: Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe and JP Palanca on the dance floor:

To The Top: Lharby Policarpio on the dance floor:

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Until my next “To The Top” update, let me leave you with a video of the boys working their charm, asking you to root for them:

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