Ella Cruz – ‘Hyuna’ Dance Cover (Video)

Ella Cruz

After her “Twerk It Like Miley” dance cover went viral on YouTube with 4.3 million views as of this posting (WATCH HERE), Ella Cruz made a follow-up video for her #ECDance series. This time, she danced to the tune of “Hyuna” by K-pop vixen Red with her sister Trisha Cruz and their friends Maj Nolasco, Ali Calderon, Rin Dumlao, Ziyah Barrera, Ameel Bandas, Carlo Papolonias, Denisson Iso, and Odz Lingling.

Ella Cruz Hyuna

“We had fun filming and doing this cover. Watch out for our next KPOP dance cover. We did our best. Enjoy!!” Cruz wrote on her official Facebook page @officialellacruz. In just four days as of this posting, the video easily hit the 1.5 million mark.

Catch Ella Cruz on the weekly horror comedy program “#ParangNormal Activity” every Saturday night at 8:00pm on TV5 after “LolaBasyang.Com.”

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  1. The title of the song is RED and the artist is HYUNA. Not the other way around.

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