Cutest Beggar Spotted by TV5 Reporter #PogiAlert

Cutest Beggar

TV5 reporter Shawn Yao posted on her Instagram account a photo of what she believes is the cutest beggar which she had spotted in Ortigas Park.

Here’s the caption of her post:

Let me present to you the cutest beggar I’ve ever seen in Manila. Obviously, he isn’t really a beggar. Obviously, he is not mentally stable (but just as obviously harmless). He always showers in the Ortigas Park waterfall, begs for yosi (in accented English), and digs through trash bins. He wears no shoes and artfully ripped clothes. I thought it was a social experiment or Wow Mali at first. I always wonder what happened to him. Rumor is, it was a broken heart. Yep kids, broken hearts can drive perfectly cute guys mad.

2 Comments on Cutest Beggar Spotted by TV5 Reporter #PogiAlert

  1. kinati at nalibugan yung reporter na chipipay ng tv5 hahahahahaha eh kamukha nya yung baklang make up artist na dating host ng pang baklang show ng kamuning station nuon!

  2. Showbiz Kowek na kowek // July 24, 2015 at 8:15 am //

    walang kwenta talaga mga palabas ng tv5. puro basura..pwe..!

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